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When it comes to pest infestations, bed bugs are one of the pests that can be the hardest to get rid of. Often times, bed bugs are not discovered until they have already made their way into your home and have begun reproducing rapidly. Because these pests reproduce so quickly, it is very important that you take immediate action as soon as you have discovered a problem.  Contacting a Kalamazoo bed bug treatment company like us is a key first step that you should take. We are skilled at identifying and eliminating bed bug infestations. If you suspect you have bed bugs in your Kalamazoo area home or business make sure you contact us now.

Kalamazoo has had its fair share of bed bug infestations. In fact the Kalamazoo Public Schools had an infestation recently.

Bed Bug Control Process

For an effective bedbug control treatment it is critical that we partner with you to make sure it’s a success. Prior to arriving we will discuss the specifics of your infestations. Here are some of the basic steps you can expect to help ensure the best results with our Kalamazoo Bed Bug treatment program.

1. Strip Beds Your Beds

Remove all the sheets, mattress covers, pillow cases, blankets, etc from your bed and wash them with hot water and dry them with a high heat setting. This will kill any bugs. Once laundered, place the bedding in plastic garbage bags or plastic bins and store them out of the way somewhere. Make sure they are stored in a room that is not going to be treated. You will not want to put them back onto bed until the following day as this will allow time for the pesticide to dry.

2. Remove Everything From Bedroom, Living Area And Hall Closets

You will want to empty out your closets (you can leave your hanging clothes). Empty all dressers, nightstand drawers, couches, loveseats or other upholstered furniture that is used in the bedrooms or the living areas.Remove all clothing, boxes, etc from the bedrooms and living areas and place them in garbage bags or plastic bins. Then place these out of the way in the garage, basement, or other area that is not being treated.

3. Wash and dry ALL clothing, towels, and linens

You will want to wash everything in your home with hot water and high heat. While this steps is a lot of work it will ensure that the bugs on those items are killed. Once washed and dried, store them out of the way somewhere.

4. Vacuum all floors

Be sure to vacuum all your floors and furniture. Vacuum inside of closets, dresser drawers and night stops. Vacuum your mattress, your box spring, and underneath the beds. Empty any contents of the vacuum first in a trash bag that can be sealed and then in a covered trash bin that is located outside of the home. Once the canister has been emptied be sure to wash the canister to remove any remaining bed bugs or bed bug eggs.

5. Move Furniture

Please move all furniture such as couches, beds, nightstands, etc away from the wall at least 6 inches. By doing this we will be able to get our pesticide into the crack in the flooring where the wall meets the floor ensuring more effective treatment.

6. Remove Wall Plate Covers

Removing electrical outlet and light switch covers. We are then able to put our pesticide inside the walls

7. Leave the Property

Plan on being out of the property for a few hours, including your pets, after the bed bug treatment. This will allow time for the pesticide to settle and dry and not expose anyone to the chemical. Once you return you can open windows to aid in airing out the home.

8. Remove Wall Covers

Remove all electrical outlet and light switch covers in all bedrooms and living areas that are being used so we can put insecticide dust inside the walls. Bed bugs often live in the walls so this is an important area to treat.

9. Vacate Property

Please plan on being out of the property for 2-4 hours after the bed bug treatment (including pets). This gives the chemicals time to settle and dry, ensuring no one is in danger of exposure to the chemicals. You may open the windows when you return to help air out any remaining odor from the chemical.

Bed Bug Treatment Follow Up

After we have treated your residence the work is not done. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure the infestation does not return.

  1. Vacuum all floors, especially in the bedrooms and furniture as often as possible and at least once a day.
  2. Done be alarmed if you see more bed bugs after the first few days of treatment. This is normal as bugs are still taking in the pesticide.
  3. If you do see bed bugs, kill them!!
  4. Using a flashlight inspect your bedding, mattress, and furniture daily to ensure the infestation is gone
  5. Make sure you alert us of any activity after the first few days.

Bed Bugs Travel Quickly

Recent industry survey’s have placed Michigan as one of the top states when it comes to the number of bed bug infestations. If you have recently stayed in a hotel, boarded an airplane, attended a community event, brought boxes into your home, or any number of different activities you may have unwittingly transmitted bed bugs into your home. Once these pesky pests find your clothing and bedding they can be next to impossible to get rid of without using a professional bed bug removal company such as us. Contact us today to learn more about our Kalamazoo Bed Bug treatment.

Protect your Kalamazoo area home or business from bedbugs and other insects. Give us a call today for a free no-obligation quote.

    Christy Barber

    I kept waking up with small bites on my skin and I was confused as to why. After doing a little internet research I confirmed it was bed bugs! Thankfully you were able to get out to my house quickly and take care of the problem right away. Thanks again!