How do I get mice out of my Kalamazoo home?

Kalamazoo Mice Control

As experts in the Kalamazoo Pest Control industry we have come across all sorts of pests. From bed bugs to mosquitos we have seen it all. However, mice can be some of the most crafty and difficult pests we come across. Not only are the difficult to prevent, they can be also very tricky to […]

The Problems Fleas Can Cause in Your Kalamazoo Home or Business

Kalamazoo Flea and Ticks

If you own a home in Kalamazoo or run a business you may not have ever given a second thought to fleas or ticks. However, as a Kalamazoo pest control company they are a pest that we come across quite often. Not only can fleas and ticks be an issue for animals like dogs and […]

Tips for Effective Wasp Control in Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo Wasp Control

With over 450 species of bee’s in Michigan there’s no doubt that you’ve seen a large variety of them near your home, in your yard, or pollinating the flowers in your garden. One such stinging insect that most people do not enjoy are wasps. A wasp is an insect that can either be very social […]