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While some people think that rodents, such as mice and rats, are furry and cute, when they get into your home or business they can cause major damage. A rodent infestation can put your family at risk of illness, bring parasites into the home, and cause damage.

Rodents are able to sneak through very tiny holes making it easy for them to get int homes. It is important that you if you spot signs of a rodent infestation you take action right away to get rid of them.  We are experts at understanding how mice, rats, and rodents behave and where they hide. If you have a home suspect a problem and are in need of Lansing Rodent Control make sure you contact us today.

Our Rodent Control Service


We start by talking with you and learning what you have seen and where you have seen them. We’ll then do an exterior inspection of the home specifically looking for where they are nesting, where they are active, and the entry points into the home. We’ll also look to identify any conditions that exist outside the home that may be contributing to the problem.


Based on the the results of our inspection we will develop a treatment plan to eliminate your rodent infestation. We may use a variety of different professional techniques and these may vary based on your unique situation.

It is important you you notice any signs of a rodent infestation that you contact us today to learn more about our Lansing Mice Removal and Lansing Rat Removal service. We provide rodent control services for all of mid-Michigan

Protect your Lansing area home and business from mice, rats, rodents and all other types of pests.  Give us a call today for a free no-obligation quote on our Lansing Rodent Control service.

    Michael Dryer

    I had noticed a mouse droppings in my commercial kitchen and needless to say I was very concerned. Had very good service from this company and have not noticed any activity since they have been out here.